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Lihat Sinopsis & Alur Cerita Mariposa 2020 : Disini

English :
The 2020 Mariposa film was starred by a talented young actor / actress, namely Angga Yunanda who played as Iqbal and also Adhisty Zara who played Acha.

This film begins with the story of Acha who tries to approach and steal Iqbal's heart. In this film Iqbal is a handsome, smart, but very cold figure towards women. Because the eel is super cold, it makes Acha even more challenged to approach Iqbal

The cold attitude towards women who Iqbal was due to the role of his father who wanted him to become Olympic Science Champion. Therefore, Iqbal spent time studying and making his father proud.

Even though Acha had reminded his friend "Amanda" not to get your hopes up because it would make him disappointed. However, this advice did not prevent Acha from getting to Iqbal. But, can Acha finally get the heart of an Iqbal?